I love sharing my passion for dental hygiene, education and patient care with practical guidance and a realistic approach – be it a small team event, a company-wide retreat or otherwise. You’ll find that the right message from an industry professional may be just the thing that’s needed to motivate everyone in your office, from management to hygienists and receptionists to the dentists themselves. We aim to inspire your practice to seek protocols that allow you to provide better patient care as well as grow your practice.

Dental professionals often seek my guidance to inspire their hygienists, teams and students. From personal experience, I find that recent dental school graduates struggle to bridge the gap between what is and what could be. They crave advice on how to communicate clearly and confidently, while bridging the gap in patient care when it matters most. Spring Innovative also offers continuing education on a variety of topics to help your practice stay up-to-date and growing every single day.

Offering Continuing Education Topics

  • Periodontal Assessment and Effective Treatment Planning
  • Your Patients and Oral Systemic Link: What Every Dental Professional Should Know
  • Improving Treatment Outcomes with Bacterial Testing
  • Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk: Effective Communication and Case Acceptance
  • Today’s RDH: Innovative Periodontal Strategist

Read More about Salivary Testing.  Download Here
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