Develop a cohesive and seamless team approach to patient care and strives to implement systems and methods for the practice owner that are simple and effective.

I love sharing my passion for dental hygiene, education and patient care with practical guidance, and a realistic approach – be it, small team event, retreat or otherwise.

Gain access and expertise on new and innovative strategies and techniques. Our clinical training will help revolutionize how you and your team do hygiene.


Erika is not just a dental hygienist, she’s also a mentor, motivator, life coach, and positive asset in the world of dental hygiene. It is one thing to be a registered dental hygienist, but it is another to be a voice for the profession in encouragement to widen our scope of practice to improve patient care. She exudes confidence, positivity, and motivation to take dental hygiene to a new level of excellence. Erika has taught me the importance of acquiring these traits to hopefully follow her one day in the same footsteps.
Harlee, RDH

Erika Spring wants to make a difference in the lives of others…..If your hygiene department and treatment acceptance levels need to be enhanced, Erika Spring should be your coach! As a former dental assistant, educator, practicing hygienist and new patient coordinator, Erika shares her knowledge and passion of excellence in a fresh, new light. If you are looking for improved patient care and empowered team members along with greatly improved productivity and less stress, contact Erika today. She’s smart, sincere and passionate about patients accepting the treatment they deserve. Through effective communication and co-diagnosing, the hygiene department comes alive and patients will no longer say, “I want to think about it awhile.”
Linda Miles, CSP CMC

I can honestly say that she is an inspiration to those around her. Erika is passionate, knowledgeable, articulate, and an excellent educator in the field of dental hygiene. She was so instrumental in the development of our Dental Hygiene Boot Camp and we look forward to working with her again. She is simply the best.”
Vicky RDH, Saving Graceys

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